Are Video Games Bad for the Kids, & Why Do People Stop Playing Video Games in Adulthood

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A lot of people thinks that the video games are not good for the health of children specially for the mental health of children. They have opinion that games are too violent and not good for the health for the your children. They have supportive statement that when he was play the games there was no such shooting Games like IGI Shooting Game or Looting Games like GTA in which player go anywhere and can harm anything and rob the car from the owner or murder some police or an innocent all such things are not good for the children.

According to my opinion all these things are not bad or not violent in case when you provide all such things to the children in the controlled environment. Such games are very beneficial for your child because through IGI or GTA type games you child become street smarts and such things he can’t learn in the school but only at home via gaming. Besides this if your around there are a lot of games in which the player killed the opponents and some are cannibal but they are not the harmful for the kids. In some extent such games teach the student how to live in the society, how to behave with other, what things are good or not for them. These are the values which child only learn under the control environment provided by the parents. So it not a good idea to deprived a child from the games by thinking such that it is not good for him.

I remember that when I was a kid I used to play a games as one kid played normally. That games caused some time in shaped of skipping of meals and a lot of sleep as well. Childhood is an age in which you don’t have so many responsibilities so every time you are trying to find such activities in which you can make yourself busy in playing just nothing more. just playing stuff you need you don’t need a car to run away from here and there. When you are growing up your need changes with the passage of time and after sometime you feel that now you have some responsibilities and it is the age of maturity when you recognize yourself, and want to do for something yourself.

In short Games are games these are not good or bad it upon the environment in which it is playing either controlled environment under the supervision of parent or not. Personally I think if there should be the  supervision of parent on the children while playing games on the PC. It will be beneficial for both child and parents. You can get your desired game like easily from internet.

Robert S. Chancellor
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