Fighting Spam: Installing an Effective Anti-Spam Solution

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When email was first introduced, it was seen as a revolutionary invention. It allowed people to communicate with one another from different parts of the globe within minutes. Today, email is used by billions of people for communicating with each other. Email is most commonly used in corporate entities in order to track communications between employees. It leaves an audit trail, making it easy for the auditors to track when communications were made and who the original senders were.

However, the popularity of email led to a host of other problems. One of the biggest issues was spam mail. Have you ever seen your junk folder? It’s filled with useless advertisements. Filtering spam mail is not easy, especially if you are being bombarded with thousands of spam emails on a daily basis. Spammers generally target company servers with thousands of spam mails. This causes an overload, eventually bringing down the server.

Every morning, employees may spend at least half an hour sifting through spam mail and clearing their inboxes before getting to work. The pointless notifications that are received throughout the course of the day also reduce employee productivity considerably. In case the servers go down, it might take up precious company time, cutting into your company’s profits.

Antivirus Programs

Most antivirus programmes also come with antispam filters. However, if your business is primarily based online and there are many computers in the office, it might be difficult to deploy antivirus programmes on all computers, mobiles and tablets. Instead, you need a secure server side solution that can prevent spam mail from entering your server in the first place.

Enterprise Solutions

There are several security firms that offer tailored enterprise solutions for companies that wish to protect their servers from spam mail. These products are offered on a subscription based model, and you can choose from several different packages depending on the size of your company and the nature of your business.

When you purchase an enterprise solution, the company will give you a specially assigned DNS gateway. You can change that in your server settings. All mail will then be re-routed to the security firm’s servers. They will be checked thoroughly for traces of spam or any malware that might be hidden in the emails. Once the mails are checked, they are then forwarded to the company’s servers.

Custom enterprise solutions are generally a better choice for small to mid-range companies. Your employees will be able to work in peace without having to worry about spam notifications bothering them along the way. Before you purchase an enterprise solution, it’s important that you check the company’s credentials. You can also take up references from the security firm in order to find out about other clients that they serve. Many security firms also offer trial periods for up to 15 days before you make a decision. You can see whether the programme is effective in blocking spam from your company’s servers. This will make it easy for you to see whether your investment is worth it.

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